Garage door accessories

all county garage door accessories


All County Doors has access to a full line of accessories and parts for your garage door.

Garage Door vacation lockVacation Lock

This is a great vacation lock which mounts to either side of the door. Works with or without a padlock (not included).

garage door t handle lockT handle lock

A T-handle lock is a great option if you don’t have an automatic opener. You can easily lock both sides of the door from the inside. Includes 2 keys.

Garage Door mail slot accessory Mail Slot

All county can install mail slots on any type of garage doors. Available in brass, aluminum, stainless, black or white.

Garage Door key releaseKey Release

When there’s no power and no other way in the garage this is a must have. Just turn the key and pull it out to release the opener. Includes 2 keys.

all county garage doors vent accessoryVents

These vents are made of vinyl and can be painted to match the color of the garage door. Easily removable for cleaning.

all county garage doors pilot doorPilot Door

We don’t get asked for this often but it’s possible. This is a pilot door on a garage door that also tilts up. This door can swing in either direction and be placed on either side. Lock and hinges included.

all county garage doors hinges and wheels accessoriesDoor Hinges and wheels

We have every type of garage door hinge and wheel available. Changing wheels can keep your door running smooth and quiet. Hinges are sold individual or in a complete set. Powder coating is also an option. Always in stock on are trucks.

all county garage doors low head trackLow head room track

Low head room track is needed when you have ceiling clearance problems. This garage has a support beam that’s 7 foot 3 inches from the floor. This track still allows you to use a roll up door and get enough height to clear 7 feet.

”all Powder coated track

All County Garage Doors can powder coat any hardware on our doors. We use Primo Powder Coating in Huntington Beach. They offer over a 100 different colors in flat or gloss finishes. This track show here is flat black. Its great for hiding grease marks.

”all Lubricants

These lubricants will keep your garage door clean from rust and rolling smooth. Sticky hinges and wheels can and friction and ware down door parts. The super slick stuff is greaseless and has an orange sent. The low temp Lubriplate is great for gears on all openers. The multiple purpose spray lube is for tracks and hinges.

”All keyless entry

We carry keyless entry’s for all makes of garage openers. This is the best options when you have kids or just want to leave the house without keys. Wireless and easy to install.

“Decorative Hardware”

Garage door decorative hardware hinges small

“Corner and Angle Brackets”

Garage door decorative hardware corners and angle brackets


all county garage doors decorative hardware handles