Garage Door Installation – It’s Time!

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all county garage doors old door replace

All County Garage Doors carries a full line of Wayne Dalton Garage Doors, Unique Garage Doors, Overhead Garage Doors, and Hildebrand Garage Doors.

Which ever model you choose, you’ll get an expert garage door installation from our well trained staff.

To view the full product line of our manufacturers, please select one of the following:

All County Garage Doors Top 5 Sellers

Unique Garage Door – Long Raised Panel Series

Our extra crisp deep embossed long raised panel make the industry standard panel doors look flat by comparison! Add in our patent pending raised shadow line and you have a picture perfect look. This design provides a super detailed custom look. It makes the door stronger and eliminates oil canning. Also available in short panel series. All sizes are available up to 20 feet wide and 14 feet tall.

Wayne Dalton 9700 Series Garage DoorWayne Dalton 9700 Series

Wayne-Dalton Model 9700 steel garage doors are a canvas for self expression. Our maintenance-free factory finishes look great on any home, or they can be custom painted to match your home’s trim. This model shown is a steel carriage house door, fully insulated, with a walnut stain. The top panel is arched with a mirror glass tint. There are many models and window designs to choose from. Please check out Wayne Dalton link above to view the entire product.

Wayne Dalton Fullview Garage DoorWayne Dalton Fullview Garage Door

Full-view garage doors are designed to complement your home’s clean, modern look. They are the perfect enhancement to your home’s glass expanses and patios – beautifully fusing indoor and outdoor spaces. This model shown has a clear anodized frame with obscured glass. This model is not only for garages- they can also be used for a interior loft partition or for patio doors to merge indoor and outdoor living spaces.

hildebrandt flush series garage doorHildebrandt flush series garage door

This modern flush series garage door is available in wood grain or smooth texture. Choose from white almond brown, or sandstone baked colors for that custom look. The model shown is a 2 inch, insulated steel door with a 24gauge steel face and white wood grain finish. The added benefit of choosing a contemporary flush garage door is the thermal insulation efficiency it provides.

sunwood carriage house garage doorSunwood Carriage House Garage Door

This model combines the classic swing out appearance and detail of the carriage house wood door, with the convenience of a standard roll-up garage door. There are many panel designs and window options to choose from. Available in paint or stained grade finish. Check out our decorative hardware on our accessories page. Sunwood has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of custom, made to order wood garage doors.

all county garage doors commercial installation

All County Garage Doors now installing commercial doors.

Garage Door Repair

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All County Garage Doors can repair or provide maintenance on your existing garage door, garage door opener, or any of your garage door’s accessories. Our installation technicians are well experienced and will have your door working like new in no time at all.

While some minor garage door repairs are simple and can easily be fixed by the homeowner, many are major repairs that should be left to the garage door professionals like All County Garage Doors. Whenever you have a problem with your garage door or garage door opener, All County Garage Doors can take care of it!

All County Garage Doors can repair almost any garage door, even if we didn’t install it. With our factory trained experts, we can get to you quickly and get the repair done right the first time.

Orange County‘s All County Garage Doors is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. This centralized location allows us to service and install garage doors throughout Southern California, as we serve Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County on an almost daily basis. Call today for a free estimate. We may be able to service you the same day!

Contact our service department at (714) 717-1405 to schedule an appointment.


garage door hazard
WARNING – Garage door springs, cables, brackets, and other hardware attached to the springs are under very high tension and, if handled improperly, can cause serious injury. Only a qualified professional or a mechanically experienced person should adjust them, but only by carefully following the manufacturer’s instructions

All County Garage Doors Most Common Repairs

broken garage door spring Broken Spring

All county has access to all garage door springs available on the market. Whether it’s torsion springs, or a one-piece extension spring, were capable of repairing and balancing your broken door with precision.

broken garage door panel Broken Garage Door Panel

All County Garage-Doors can replace individual sections of most major name brand and custom wood garage doors. Numerous customers have led to believe that they need to replace their entire garage door when we can replace the damaged areas only.

garage door broken panel Genie Trolly

This is an original replacement for all genie screw drive openers except for genie excelerator model. This is the most common part that goes out on genie screw drives openers. Fortunately, the trolley is inexpensive and easily replaced

Chamberlain Liftmaster Craftsman Garage Door Gear And Sprocket Assembly Broken Spring

All county has access to all garage door springs available on the market. Whether it’s torsion springs, or a one-piece extension spring, were capable of repairing and balancing your broken door with precision.

Garage Door Safety and Security Tips

Garages are great for a whole range of reasons—storage, home projects, play—but, for all of those reasons, they can also pose safety and security challenges. Through the International Door Association (IDA) and the Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association (DASMA), the Overhead Door Corporation has prepared this list of tips for keeping everyone and everything safe and secure.

  1. Make sure the garage door opener control button is out of the reach of small children.
  2. Do not let children play with garage door remote controls.
  3. Consult the owner’s manual and learn how to use the garage door’s emergency release feature.
  4. Visually inspect the garage door each month. Look at springs, cables, rollers and pulleys for signs of wear. Do not attempt to remove, adjust or repair these parts or anything attached to them. A trained door repairman must make adjustments to these parts, which are under high tension.
  5. Test the garage door opener’s reversing mechanism monthly by placing a 2 x 4 board or a roll of paper towels in the door’s path. If the door does not reverse after contacting the object, call a qualified garage door professional for repair. If the opener has not been replaced since 1993, seriously consider a new one with auto-reverse as a standard feature.
  6. Never place fingers between door sections and explain the dangers to children. If you have small children, consider a door with panels that can’t pinch.
  7. Do not leave the garage door partially open. When activated again, it may travel downward and come in contact with an object in its path. This also impacts your home’s security as well.
  8. While on vacation, unplug the garage door opener unit or use a vacation lock console security switch, which renders remotes unusable and is an optional accessory to most openers.
  9. If the opener does not have rolling-code technology, which changes the access codes each time the opener is used to prevent code grabbing, be sure to change the manufacturer’s standard access codes on the opener and remote control, or consider investing in a newer model with more safety and security features that are now standard.
  10. A new trend in home invasion is gaining access to the home by stealing the opener or car. Never leave the remote control in the car or with a parking attendant. Consider using a key chain remote and always lock the entry to the inside of your home – especially if your opener is programmed to your vehicle. It is a small inconvenience for safety and security.

Garage Door Openers

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Genie Stealth belt drive garage door opener

All County Garage Doors offers Genie, Liftmaster, Marantec, and Skylink garage door openers. All brands of garage door openers are available with a variety of horsepower levels and drive systems to suit your application. All County Garage Doors provides an expert installation on any model you choose.

Please select one of the following:

All County Garage Doors Top Sellers

picture of Genie Garage Door OpenerGenie ReliaG 800

The ReliaG 800 provides power, value and reliability for those who desire a powerful, quiet, long-lasting opener. ½ HPc Power Plus provides power to operate doors up to 500 lbs. Please see your Genie Professional Dealer for information on choosing the opener that is right for your door. The DC motor allows for quiet, smooth operation and soft start and soft stop. Dual pinion gear chain drive system provides longer, more reliable life.Pre-assembled rail is ready to install. The lightweight power head allows for one person installation. We recommend installation by a professional dealer. Dual pinion gear chain drive system provides longer, more reliable life.Homeowners will love how quiet and smooth operations combine to provide long-lasting reliability.Comprehensive Safe-T-Beam system meets or exceeds all UL, state, federal and CSA regulations, and incorporates an auto reversing system and diagnostics. Genie Intellicode technology prevents unauthorized persons from opening your garage door by automatically changing the access code every time you use it

genie Screw Drive garage door openerGenie Screw Drive

As the original screw drive manufacturer, Genie has been dedicated to providng the most complete garage door opening systems for more than 30 years. Direct drive motor system. The screw drive is machined from one-piece of solid-steel. Reliable, quiet operation: fewer moving parts. Automatic 120-watt lighting system: safer evening exits and entries. Easy bulb replacement: high impact, heat resistant polypropylene lens cover. Comprehensive six-part Safe-T-Beam package meets or exceeds all UL, state, federal and CSA regulations, and incorporates an auto reversing system and LED diagnostics. Genie Intellicode technology prevents unauthorized persons from opening your garage door by automatically changing the access code every time you use it.

LiftMaster 3800 DC Motor Residential Jackshaft Garage Door OpenerLiftMaster 3800 – DC Motor Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener

Today’s garages go far beyond a place to merely park your car. So no matter if you want the extra storage space up above, have an oversized garage door, or even a cathedral ceiling, the LiftMaster® model 3800 Residential Jackshaft Opener is perfectly engineered solution to fit your specific garage door opener requirements. It mounts easily on the wall beside the garage door, and comes with a remote 200- watt light that can be positioned anywhere in the garage. The optional EverCharge® Standby Power System – that continues to operate your opener even when the power goes out – makes it even more convenient.

Liftmaster 3280 12 HP Belt Drive Garage Door OpenerLiftMaster 3280 

1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Quiet and smooth, yet as tough as a steel-belted tire, the 3280 1/2 HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is the perfect choice if you want both quiet and smooth-running reliability, or simply have rooms positioned above your garage. The 1/2 HP heavy-duty motor is equipped with our patented Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS®) that eliminates powerhead vibration for reduced noise. It also features a solid-steel T-rail with automatic belt tensioner on the trolley, and an enhanced belt drive system for a more secure belt grip.

Marantec garage door opener m4700Marantec M-Line 4700e

The M-Line 4700e is a feature-rich, reliable double light system designed to perform, built to last and guaranteed to provide years of smooth, troublefree operation. 700 Newtons of push-pull force and Lifetime Parts warranty.

Skylink Professional Garage Door Opener

Skylink® residential garage door openers are affordable and offer reliability and durability. Skylink® garage door openers are precision engineered to provide ultimate safety and security features. Skylink® garage door openers employ DC motor to provide quiet operation, reduced noise pollution from traditional products, and help you enjoy a quiet and comfortable life environment.

Garage door accessories

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all county garage door accessories


All County Doors has access to a full line of accessories and parts for your garage door.

Garage Door vacation lockVacation Lock

This is a great vacation lock which mounts to either side of the door. Works with or without a padlock (not included).

garage door t handle lockT handle lock

A T-handle lock is a great option if you don’t have an automatic opener. You can easily lock both sides of the door from the inside. Includes 2 keys.

Garage Door mail slot accessory Mail Slot

All county can install mail slots on any type of garage doors. Available in brass, aluminum, stainless, black or white.

Garage Door key releaseKey Release

When there’s no power and no other way in the garage this is a must have. Just turn the key and pull it out to release the opener. Includes 2 keys.

all county garage doors vent accessoryVents

These vents are made of vinyl and can be painted to match the color of the garage door. Easily removable for cleaning.

all county garage doors pilot doorPilot Door

We don’t get asked for this often but it’s possible. This is a pilot door on a garage door that also tilts up. This door can swing in either direction and be placed on either side. Lock and hinges included.

all county garage doors hinges and wheels accessoriesDoor Hinges and wheels

We have every type of garage door hinge and wheel available. Changing wheels can keep your door running smooth and quiet. Hinges are sold individual or in a complete set. Powder coating is also an option. Always in stock on are trucks.

all county garage doors low head trackLow head room track

Low head room track is needed when you have ceiling clearance problems. This garage has a support beam that’s 7 foot 3 inches from the floor. This track still allows you to use a roll up door and get enough height to clear 7 feet.

”all Powder coated track

All County Garage Doors can powder coat any hardware on our doors. We use Primo Powder Coating in Huntington Beach. They offer over a 100 different colors in flat or gloss finishes. This track show here is flat black. Its great for hiding grease marks.

”all Lubricants

These lubricants will keep your garage door clean from rust and rolling smooth. Sticky hinges and wheels can and friction and ware down door parts. The super slick stuff is greaseless and has an orange sent. The low temp Lubriplate is great for gears on all openers. The multiple purpose spray lube is for tracks and hinges.

”All keyless entry

We carry keyless entry’s for all makes of garage openers. This is the best options when you have kids or just want to leave the house without keys. Wireless and easy to install.

“Decorative Hardware”

Garage door decorative hardware hinges small

“Corner and Angle Brackets”

Garage door decorative hardware corners and angle brackets


all county garage doors decorative hardware handles